Music City Multicolor Nashville Inspired Nail Polish Packs


These polish packs were created after I moved here to Nashville. There is so much here to inspire art and I thought this would be a great project to showcase that!

Pack #1 includes
Man In Black (Okay, I have to be honest, this is the same as my Terek Noir polish, we'll call it a cover...) This is a matte black polish with flecks of silver in it. You can cover it with a glossy top coat to make it shine!

Shut the Cluck Up! Inspired by Nashville's famous hot chicken, this spicy hot sauce red its awesome.

Stars of Music Row is a glitter polish with a clear base. It's packed full of rainbow, sparkle and stars! Just like Nashville.

Rise of the Titans is a shimmery blue with silver and red sparkles to show your team spirit!

Pack #2 includes
Golden Oldies, which is one of my favorites. this is a mustard yellow polish that has been given a bit of "static" with faint, dark speckles throughout.

Opryland Opal is super full of iridescent and black glitters of all shapes and sizes in a clear coat. I never got to go to Opyland, but I've heard the tales of it's magicalness!

Printer's Ally Pink, with it's neon lights and rich history, I tried to express it's excitement and intrigue with this pink holographic polish.

Parthenon Purple is a gorgeous deep purple, filled with gold flecks. Hard to photograph, but in person, I swear, it's fit for Athena herself.

These would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves the Music City!

My polishes are 5 free & cruelty free. They generally apply best with 2-3 thin layers topped with a fast dry top coat.
I do my best to accurately represent the colors of my polishes in their photos, however, there may be some differences in the items dues to screen brightness etc. Photos are never altered or filtered to change the colors unless it is needed to more accurately showcase harder to photograph colors. Every bottle is carefully hand-mixed and the best effort is given to consistency of formulas, though some color and distribution of glitters may vary slightly from bottle to bottle. Shake well to help with any settling that may occur during shipping.


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