From the drawing board to the polish shop.

Comet Vomit began as a rough sketch in a journal. I just knew I wanted to make nail polish, but I wasn't even sure exactly what that meant at the time. I spent my entire Christmas bonus on supplies in 2012 and got to work. I felt like a mad scientist mixing and shaking and trying out new things. Some things instantly seemed awesome and other things were complete failures. I was ready to throw in the towel in March, but a good friend pushed me to keep going. I got sober and with a few encouraging words from geek god Wil Wheaton himself, I knew I had to keep pushing.

In April of 2013, I really got to work. I began making new colors, taking new photos, posting giveaways and sending samples out for review. I got serious about things. I started making lip balms, eyeshadows and jewelry- expanding my line to new heights. I began searching for conventions and ended up being a vendor at my first sci-fi convention in October of 2013. It was amazing. Selling Comet Vomit to people in the real world, in person was an amazing experience.

In November of 2013, I released my new line The Good Fight collection which is all comic book themed!

2014 brought much life change and many amazing shows and markets. I moved to Nashville, TN in October 2014 to pursue love, fortune and success!

2015 was a great year for me and I'm so happy to be making a living here in Nashville!

2016 brought such great success with with the popularity of my Hamilton line! It was also so wonderful to add my Catventures in Space line and the Stargazer line!!

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